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Computer Maintenance

Most of us are familiar with computers because we do our work on computers. However, how many people know how to maintain a computer? The idea occurred to us when there is something wrong with our computers. In order to keep our computer running in good performance, we need to maintain the computer regularly.

The temperature of the computer working environment can not be neglected. The appropriate temperature for the computer working is 10 35. That it is too hot or too cold will affect the computer operation. The relative humidity should be 30% 75%. The performance of CPU or display card can be affected by these factors. Therefore, your computer should be kept tidy and clean.

Some people think it is better not to use computer frequently. It is not comprehensive. If the computer is not used frequently, the dust and moisture in the air will damage the computer. It is necessary to open or close your computer with correct operations. Do scan and kill viruses before disk or floppy is used. You’d better repair the errors in time once the operating system exits in abnormal situations. If you know something about computer maintenance, you can clean the computer main components by yourself.

These are only some simple methods to maintain your computer performance. If you want to find a quick and efficient way, a good registry cleaner will be your choice. It can clean the junk files and fix many computer problems. The computer overall performance can be enhanced to a large extent. Some can fix registry problems. Maybe you are not so familiar with computer registry. It is the most important part of a computer. If there is something wrong with the computer registry, it is most probably the computer can run in its normal working situations. A good registry clean not only can maintain the computer overall performance, but also can prevent the malicious attack, such as viruses, spyware or malware. The functions should be comprehensive. Thus the computer will not be attacked easily by malicious invasions. For a qualified registry cleaner, there is a basic home function which can manage the overall performance of the computer. Many other features can be got along with, such as the IE fix tool, the junk file cleaner, the duplicate file cleaner.

Amazing T Shirts for Computer Geeks

If you are going to a computer geek convention or a casual business meeting, or promoting your business employed by computer geeks or just love computer geeks, this article gives you five ideas for great t-shirts for computer geeks.

Dark blue T-Shirts with “Buzz Line Me”

The first idea for a great t-shirt for computer geeks are dark blue t-shirts with the phrase “Buzz Line Me.” For people who know computers “Buzz Line Me,” means your program is cool or gives me a buzz. The line can be written in white to give a nice contrast to the dark blue t-shirt.

Rose Pink T-Shirts for Valentine’s Day with “Geeky Love”

The second idea for a great t-shirt for computer geeks are rose pink t-shirts for Valentine’s Day with “Geeky Love” written across the front of the t-shirt. The t-shirt can be short sleeved and made in light cotton. “Geeky Love” can be written across the front with dark red coloring.

White T-Shirt, with “Write On, Pen This”

The third idea for a great t-shirt for computer geeks is a white t-shirt , with ‘write on, pen this.” The t-shirt can be a blend of nylon and cotton and written across the front in black “write on, pen this.” Also, the person buying the t-shirt can actually write on the t-shirt with a pen or marker.

Grey Blue T-Shirt with a Pen Design Written Across the Front

The fourth idea for a geek t-shirt is grey blue t-shirt with a pen design written across the front. The pen design is simply pens etched across the front of the t-shirt. The design can be done in light grey, blackFeature Articles, white and blue.

Ways Reduce Existing Problems On the computer

It is not rocket science and you don’t have to be an IT professional to keep your PC in a good shape. Any computer user can follow guidelines I have mentioned below and can reduce their PC problems dramatically.

Use this article as a computer maintenance tutorial.

So what you should do as part of preventive maintenance?

1.Use a good anti virus program. This is the most important piece of work in preventive maintenance. Installing the anti virus program is not good enough. You should do following as well.
– Set-up the program to download and install updates automatically.
– Schedule periodic full system scans.
– Check the virus definitions date regularly and see whether it is up to date.

2.Set-up your PC to Download and install “Windows Updates” automatically.
Windows updates include Operating System patches for bugs and PC security related issues. These patches can reduce many unknown computer problems.

3.Install anti Spyware program to detect Spyware tools.

4.Install a Personal Firewall. Most of the anti virus programs are bundled with a Personal Firewalls these days. Personal firewall is a barrier between your PC and the outside world. This can prevent your PC from hackers and Spyware tools.

5.Do not download and install unknown software from Internet. This is the biggest mistake most of the PC users are doing. Some of this software can damage the Windows registryPsychology Articles, which cause lot of errors.

6.Uninstall unnecessary programs installed in your PC.

7.Be very careful when you download music from the Internet. Always stick to one trustworthy web site.

8.Perform Scandisk periodically to check the Hard Drive.

9.Delete temporary Internet files.

Computer Network Installation

This involves defining business requirements and growth plans to build a framework for connecting computers and other equipment in the organization. Good network planning eases the process of a suitable network installation. Here users need to consider usage requirements and assess who will manage the network. Usage, maintenance, expansion and security issues also need consideration.

Hardware requirements
Once the planning has been done, the next stage involves understanding what hardware will be required and what hardware your network will support. These can include back-up devices, uninterruptible power supplies, network printers, etc. Once this is determined you need to understand how many network points will be required. Hubs and switches should have sufficient ports for the various connections. Also there should be enough scope for growth and expansion in the future.

Network design
Here various aspects like the kind of topology, network operating system, the right network interface cards and cabling needs to be considered. If the network is small, a basic topology like ring, bus, mesh or star may be used. But if the network is complex, a hybrid of two or more technologies may need to be implemented. The location of the network cables, various devices, hubs, switches, servers, printers, firewalls, routers and modems needs consideration. Building or leasing regulations that may affect the cabling also need to be kept in mind. Security issues, both within the organization and on the Internet also need consideration.

Support services
Here you need to consider resources like consultants, support staff, other in-house staff and where they are located. You will need to consider the staff for management, security, maintenance and training. Employees will require to adopt new habits while using the network and sufficient training needs to be provided in this regard.

Networks can help people share information, efficiently access the Internet, and work collaboratively. As networks become necessary, it is important to know which technologies will work for your organization. To help make an informed choice on what technologies, hardware and support systems to useArticle Submission, Vipersystems offers its turnkey solutions. Our services enable your organizations to install suitable networks that are easy to upgrade and expand.