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What is the CPU and its function

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is a microchip, classed as the brain of the computer. Its job is to interpret the instructions that come from the hardware and software, so that the hardware and software can communicate with each other for example. CPUs have different types (Celeron, Pentium, AMD and so on) and different speeds (600Mhz, 700Mhz, 1.79 (1,790Mhz) and so on). The CPU is one of the main reasons for buying a computer. The faster the CPU can process instructions the faster the computer. However. This is not strictly true. An Intel Pentium 4 is faster than an Intel Pentium 3, in theory. And the “stripped down version” of the Intel Pentium 4 – the Celeron CPU – is supposed to be faster than the Intel Pentium 3. I say supposed and in theory because it depends how you slow the computer down or speed it up.

An Intel Pentium 2 with a 7200rpm hard drive is faster than an Intel Pentium 2 with a 5400rpm hard drive. And Windows 98SE with 256 MegaBytes of memory is faster than Windows 98SE with only 64 MegaBytes of memory. So far this is as expected. However. You can have a Pentium 2 with 256MB of memory and a 7200rpm hard drive that will be faster than a Pentium 3 with only 64MB of memory and a 5400rpm hard drive. This is because even though the Pentium 2 processes instructions slower the instructions are being put into memory a lot quicker. For example. If a Microsoft Word file on the hard drive is being copied into memory, perhaps for printing and/or editing purposes, the copying might be done at 1MB intervals. Whereas when Windows 98SE knows it has more memory it knows it can copy data at 2MB intervals for example. With a faster hard drive as well moving files, installing software, file indexing and so on also becomes faster. So the memory and hard drive make up for the slow CPU.

With time and progress manufacturers have now made it possible for the CPU to be split up into two or four parts (cores), known as Dual Core and Quad Core respectively, which basically means the CPU now has two or four brains to use. These core CPUs spread tasks amonst themselvesFind Article, making it possible for one brain (core) to print out a document for example while another brain (core) takes care of processing internet tasks for example.

Fixing the Computer Registry

First and foremost, the detailed information about computer registry should be mentioned. Most common computer users are unfamiliar with computer registry. What they know is about how to do things with their computers and that’s ok. However, it brings about a serious consequence once there is a problem occurs. It’s good to know more about computers so that you can deal with some problems by yourself. What’s a computer registry? We don’t have to know how it works. What we need to know is that it is truly important for a computer. Once there is anything wrong with the registry, some error messages will appear and even the computer may crash.

What kind of problems or errors can be caused when there is a problem about the registry? Some error messages appear when the computer starts up or when a certain program runs. Sometimes, a certain program can’t be installed or uninstalled, blue screen, the computer can’t boot up or shut down and even the computer freezes or crashed. In order to avoid these problems, it is inevitable to do something to protect the registry.

1.      You can install a piece of antivirus software which can monitor the change of the registry all the time.

2.      You can back up the computer registry. It can be restored to the previous normal working status in case there is anything wrong with the registry.

3.      Blocking malware from modifying the registry.

4.      Protect the registry with a registry cleaner

It is unnecessary to talk a lot about protecting the computer registry with antivirus software. Even a computer newbie knows that it is important to install a piece of powerful antivirus software to protect his or her computer. An antivirus program can block viruses, malware, spyware and trojans. At the same time, it can kill viruses if the computer is infected.

I want to share a little more about how to fix computer with a registry cleaner. We all know the quality of the same kind of products is different. For computer registry cleaners, it is in the same manner. I want to talk about the advanced registry cleaners. They can fix registry problems or errors with easy steps. A good program is bound to easy to use and user friendly. For the basic function, they can be made flawless. For the advanced features, they can be made comprehensive.

Business in Computer Repair

Business individuals, who desire to tap the computerrepair business need to maintain, implement and choose the right technology and computer solutions.

When it comes to computer repair, customers have some specific needs that computertroubleshooters are qualified to satisfy. Most business organizations and customers require:

  • Independent consulting and advice
  • Hardware Support and Setup
  • Email and internet setup and assistance
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning
  • Networking
  • Software development and Custom Website
  • Troubleshooting and software setup
  • Training

Need for Computer Repair Service:

Personal computer users and business owners cannot afford the loss of productivity and hassles caused by computer malfunction requiring it to bring in a repair center. This is the reason why hundreds of home users and business owners switch to computer troubleshooters daily to get their workstation problems solved.

Computer troubleshooters need to do more than just fixing the problems of computer. Their main goal is to work with the customers to listen to their needs and offer solutions and recommendations that help in the improvement of business. The important thing is that entrepreneurs cannot succeed unless and until their customers succeed.

Franchise Opportunity:

Below mentioned are some of the reasons as to why computer troubleshooters have an excellent business prospect:-

  • Fresh entrepreneurs can provide IT support and onsite computer services to home users and small businesses.
  • They also provide individuals with outstanding business experience, marketing programs, instant credibility and outstanding technical support.
  • The IT consultancy is a 25.3 billion dollar industry and may grow continually to reach 47 billion dollars in the coming economic year.
  • The business start up costs and ongoing expenses for computer repair business is quite low as compared to other franchises.
  • Majority of computer troubleshooter firms are two or one person businesses, operated from home. This means no expensive payroll or rent overhead for start up businesspersons. Some troubleshooters do operate with a larger retail location or staff, but it is optional.
  • Fresh entrepreneurs become a subset of the excellent service organization with a reputation for professional and friendly service.
  • They can offer their expertise to some other franchisees and gain advantage of their services.
  • Entrepreneurs also get the opportunity to serve national, regional and international accounts and customers.
  • They cut costs by sharing.
  • Further, becoming a part of the franchise network gives more depth to the business and more credibility from the customer’s point of view.

With the number of people owning computers and laptops increasing day by day, businessprospects for computer repair are becoming extremely good. Computer repair is one amongst few industries requiring minimal hassleArticle Search, which offers free investments with surplus benefits. Business opportunities in computer repair imply smart investment coupled with good brains.

Eye Nerve on Computer

Eyestrain associated with computer use isn’t thought to have serious or long-term consequences, but it’s disruptive and unpleasant. If you or your child spend more than two hours each day in front of a computer screen, you likely experience some symptoms of computer vision syndrome or CVS.

The main symptoms of CVS are –

  • Sore, tired, burning or itching eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Dry eyes
  • Blurred or double vision
  • Headache and sore neck
  • Difficulty shifting focus between monitor and paper documents in your work area
  • Color fringes or afterimages when you look away from the monitor Increased sensitivity to light

Since this a profession related complication, it can be treated with modifying the work area and introducing some alterations in the work habit to reduce the symptoms.

  • The computer screen should be slightly below eye level (about 20 degrees). Copy should be at the same level as the screen.
  • Wrists and lower arms are parallel to the floor while working on keyboard.
  • The working chair should be comfortable with a good back support.
  • Sit straight on the chair with feet flat on ground, thighs parallel to ground and back erect.
  • The screen brightness and contrast should be adjusted by the operator for the maximum viewing comfort.
  • The workstation lighting should provide a 10:3 ratio: screen characters 10 times brighter than the screen background; room illumination 3 times brighter than screen background.
  • Eliminate glare and screen reflections by moving or tilting the computer or getting an anti-glare screen.
  • Try not to face toward windows or bright light sources.
  • Operators should face into an open space beyond the computer screen.
  • Clean the screen regularly as they attract dust.

To reduce the symptoms, there are some alterations in the work schedule that can be done.

  • Take a break after every 11/2 to 2 hours. Get up from the workstation and walk 20 paces one side and 20 paces the other side. Sit on your chair and close eyes for 3-4 minutes.

 Consciously blink your eyes more frequently as the blink rate is reduced with continuous work on computers causing dryness.

  • Use artificial eye drops for lubricating the eye.
  • If still symptoms persist, then get an eye examination done to rule out any refractive error. If there is oneFeature Articles, then use corrective glasses for the same.

Ways to Speed ​​Up Your Computer?

Computers don’t run so fast as it is new over time. In most cases, computer users take good care of their computer. They install antivirus software to keep the computer away from viruses. The folders are arranged in good order regularly. The recycle bin is emptied in time. It is confusing for many computer users about why the computer runs more and more slowly. This article will explain why the new computer responds more and more slowly and will discuss how to speed up a slow computer.

In normal conditions, if there is no error message or any other problem, the computer gets slower over time because the accumulation of some unneeded files. When you uninstall some programs, you thought it was uninstalled completely and in fact, it was not. There are still some remnants left. These redundant things can’t affect the computer speed instantly. However, it will influence the computer overall performance to a large extent if this can’t be cleaned regularly.

It is not difficult to understand that the computer slowness because of this. Sometimes, it takes much longer to boot up. It is because the programs that start with the computer operating system become more and more. When you install a program, it often asks you whether you want it to start up with Windows. This is often overlooked and as a result, every new installed program starts up with Windows. Consequently, the computer starts up more and more slowly.

Now Windows registry needs to be explained in a simple way. It records all the information of the computer and of course it is the most important part of the computer. For example, there are records when you install or uninstall a program on the computer. There are some empty keys with time passing by. If they are not deleted, the computer speed is also affected.

The causes of computer becoming slow have been talked about above. The methods about how to speed up the computer will be discussed below.

It is necessary to have antivirus software protect your computer from viruses though it may affect computer speed a little. You can clean the junk files manually, such as

temporal files, some unneeded files and Internet cookies if you are not a computer newbie. For the startup speed, you can manually disable some startup options to speed up the bootup.

It is not so difficult to do as the steps above. However, you must be careful when you do some change about the registry. Your computer may crash if there is any wrong change in

the registry. It is best to backup the registry when you modify it even for a computer veteran.

If you don’t know much about computer and want to keep your computer running in good performance, a good registry cleaner will be much helpful. If you have a good cleaner, it can help you a lot. You can delete the junk files with it easily. For some advanced registry cleaners, they can not only clean the junk files in time, but also can fix many computer problems, including registry problems

Guide to Computer Desk

Modern office furniture has to be modular, movable and flexible.

The most important feature of a good computer desk is ergonomic design. As people work spend more hours at the computer, it is important that the desks are comfortable to sit at for long hours.  Moreover, they have to look good and blend in well with the rest of the office or home.  As greater comfort ensures greater productivity, companies are more willing to provide the best computer desks for employees.

Modular computers desks provide flexibility and versatility in use – they can be remodeled very easily depending on the use. These are ideal for the limited office spaces of today, and also work well in homes because they can be easily changed according to different requirements. Fittings are provided to accommodate various other accessories that may be required while using the computer, such as a document holder, wrist rest, file hangers, CD holders, or telephone shelf. Such desks are also often accompanied by a manual that contains comprehensive instructions for assembling or disassembling the unit. On the whole, computer desks today are leaner, and have fewer drawers and more shelf-space than before.

In most modern computer desks, the unique arrangement of the panel systems ensures optimum space, privacy and advanced wire management. The spine of the desk should be designed to not only provide power and data to the whole unit but also to support the desk assemblies, staking storage, divisional screens, transfer screens and other accessories. The end result is optimal space utilization.

A versatile computer desk should not necessarily compromise style.  Computer desks are being designed with every kind of material possible ranging from traditional oak and wood to metalPsychology Articles, glass and fiber.

Tips Essential Computer Buying

Despite years of advancement, the fundamentals of the computer have not changed much. These computer buying tips will give you what you need to know and enough to keep you in the know for many years to come, no matter what the price, or type of computer.

Being at the head of the pack is a costly place to be. So, if money and your budget are any concern to you, then don’t chase the latest fads. The newest stuff carries a huge price premium when older products have not yet passed their prime. Wait a few months for excitement to die down and see what happens, you might have saved yourself from making a big mistake. Getting the biggest thing from a few months back will get you a lot more for your money.

Research before you buy. Don’t get a computer or add extras to a computer without getting the facts first. Sales staff are just that, salespeople, they will do their best, but often know only a little more than you do about what you plan to get. The Internet has a whole wealth of info available, and you can research as much as makes you happy.

Computers are more about the internals than the externals.

As with the computer in general, the CPU is a costly component. The fastest processor will cost you more and value for money goes down as the speed goes up. Up to the middle of the range in speed you will get the most speed per dollar.

More RAM is a good thing. Having the latest super-duper CPU won’t help if your computer runs out of memory. Memory is essential for Windows and all the programs that run on it. When Windows starts it puts lots of things it needs in memory, and they stay there. All the other programs you start also use some memory and keep it until they stop, the more programs you want to use at the same time, the more memory you’ll need. Just make sure you get 512MB or more for Windows XP and 1GB or more for Windows Vista.

Great looking cases that are hidden under a desk or in a cabinet won’t get noticed. Are the USB and sound ports at the front for easy access and are they placed in an easy to reach position?

Hard drives should have enough space. I find 120GB enough, but you might need more if you save videos on there. RAID 1 keeps a mirror image of your hard drive at all times, so if one drive fails, you still have one with your data.

The key to good graphics is the graphics card. The latest games require them cutting edge cards, so get one to suit what you want to play. Games constantly push the demands on the graphics card, and if you want to keep up, you will be upgrading often.

Finally, the monitor is what you will stare at while using the computer. Wider and larger screens allow more stuff to fit on the screen. LCD is the norm, 19 inch or bigger, wide screen if possible is what I recommend.

Consult a Computer

Computer now a day is such a thing that has involved every person in itself to a great extent. Computer has become a need of our daily life as we are so much depended on it completely. Many of our problems now a day can be easily solved by just having this machine with our self. Computer has excelled so much in technology that it has become source of comfort and easiness for the people. Computer is used up by the people in each and every field. This is because that this combination of electronic components has the ability to solve the very much complex problems of people in a very short period of time. Now this machine is used up the programmers for making different kinds of programs and software. Whereas engineers and doctors used this machine for solving up their problems in their respective fields.Within today’s world as the technology is getting very much fast and complex, computers are an essential need for everyone.

Like every day a new cell phones gets introduced up in the market and its all software and its application are developed because of computer. So computer is very much important in today’s generation.Well information technology is also becoming very much common in this period of time. Information technology is very much getting in these days and its applications are getting wider and wider day by day.From this information technology many of the business companies get ease and benefits. It has provided solutions that were impossible to find before. Many of the companies have information consultant who take care of their bills and other things which are important for the company records and progress. These information consultants provide the people with the facility of information technology. These consultants work in the big firms as working agent, which are the main body of that specific firm, as they have a lot of importance in that specific field.

A business can only work well if that firm or company has a good theme or idea about what they are working on.This thing is only possible if that company have a good and able consultant. Well the work of the consultant is not an easy thing to do and it’s not every ones work. Only specificFree Web Content, intelligent and talented people are required for this work because their works looks simple but in reality it’s not.When a company is about to start up a new project then the work of that computer consultants starts and it continues till the end until the completion of that project. Now during this whole time that consultant has to keep a check on each and every thing that so that the project gets completed according to the schedule. Each and every module must be designed according to the plan so that the finish product is same as it is initially planned. Computer consultancy is a very professional work and a lot of commitment is required for it.

Understanding the Basics of Computer Processes

When you give an instruction to the computer such as when you click on an icon or you use the keyboard to type something, you are telling your computer what to do. Any set of instructions that you give your computer is in fact a program. When the computer executes these instructions, we call the execution of these instructions as computer processes.

Every different operating system will have its own set of process names and software that execute in a different way. Every program may require several processes to make it run successfully. When the computer is being used, there are several programs that run simultaneously and the computer is able to execute several instructions one after another without wasting its own resources and your time.

In very simple words, computer programs have the ability to multi-task and the processes are switched by the computer’s processors without the user even coming to know about any change in the process execution.

Processes in the computer system are further categorized or divided into threads. These threads remain active as long as the processes are being executed. As soon as the processes are terminated, the threads are also terminated.

Sometimes, certain processes take up a lot of resources of the computer’s processor. This will make the computer to run very slow. At times, without your being aware of it, some process may be activated in your computer that could occupy the processor and in turn affect the working of the other programs in the computer.

If you find your computer freezing or stopping on its own, there is surely some malfunctioning of the computer processes. This could be due to spyware, malwareArticle Search, viruses or Trojans that could have found their way into your computer system.

The simplest thing to do when you are not sure if a program is genuine or unwanted is to stop it from running. This can be done by ending the process using the Task Manager. You can also use the End Task option by clicking on the Go To Process link when you right click on the application.

Pay off Computer Virus Payment

Computer is used frequently nowadays. It makes it much more convenient to do many things. Thus much information is saved on it and much personal information is hidden in it. We can create passwords for our computers, and others can not have access to it. However, what should we do to prevent hackers, malware, spyware or viruses?

Most computer users know it is necessary to install a piece of antivirus software onto their computers to block bad things invading their computers. Is that enough that a piece of antivirus software is installed onto your computer? That’s far from enough. Various viruses spring up as the development of science and technology. There are many kinds of viruses and it is necessary for us to know something about it.

According to the characteristics of computer viruses, there are many ways to classify them. In accordance with the system the viruses attack, it can be classified as the viruses that attack DOS system, the viruses that attack Windows system, the viruses that attack UNIX system, and the viruses that attack OS / 2 system. Most computer viruses attack the DOS system.

How to protect your computer from being attacked by viruses? In addition to the antivirus software is installed, there are many other things to be done. If you know something about computer, you should have known that the websites you visited are recorded on the computer, the bank credit card numbers, the passwords are all recorded. If a hacker attacks your computer, all the information can be stolen easily. If you want to keep that absolutely safe, you can manually delete these things after you use them. Sometimes the registry is changed by viruses, and the result will be serious.

If you don’t want to be bothered by these troubles, you can find a registry cleaner. It will help you a lot. An advanced registry cleaner can block the viruses, bad activex, spyware and malware effectively. It also can do many other things. For example, it can clean the junk files and duplicate files in time. The Internet Explorer problems will be fixed by it. The disk fragmentations can be defragged in time. The websites you visited can be cleaned immediately after your visit. The invalid shortcuts are cleaned immediately after they appear.