Ways to Speed ​​Up Your Computer?

Computers don’t run so fast as it is new over time. In most cases, computer users take good care of their computer. They install antivirus software to keep the computer away from viruses. The folders are arranged in good order regularly. The recycle bin is emptied in time. It is confusing for many computer users about why the computer runs more and more slowly. This article will explain why the new computer responds more and more slowly and will discuss how to speed up a slow computer.

In normal conditions, if there is no error message or any other problem, the computer gets slower over time because the accumulation of some unneeded files. When you uninstall some programs, you thought it was uninstalled completely and in fact, it was not. There are still some remnants left. These redundant things can’t affect the computer speed instantly. However, it will influence the computer overall performance to a large extent if this can’t be cleaned regularly.

It is not difficult to understand that the computer slowness because of this. Sometimes, it takes much longer to boot up. It is because the programs that start with the computer operating system become more and more. When you install a program, it often asks you whether you want it to start up with Windows. This is often overlooked and as a result, every new installed program starts up with Windows. Consequently, the computer starts up more and more slowly.

Now Windows registry needs to be explained in a simple way. It records all the information of the computer and of course it is the most important part of the computer. For example, there are records when you install or uninstall a program on the computer. There are some empty keys with time passing by. If they are not deleted, the computer speed is also affected.

The causes of computer becoming slow have been talked about above. The methods about how to speed up the computer will be discussed below.

It is necessary to have antivirus software protect your computer from viruses though it may affect computer speed a little. You can clean the junk files manually, such as

temporal files, some unneeded files and Internet cookies if you are not a computer newbie. For the startup speed, you can manually disable some startup options to speed up the bootup.

It is not so difficult to do as the steps above. However, you must be careful when you do some change about the registry. Your computer may crash if there is any wrong change in

the registry. It is best to backup the registry when you modify it even for a computer veteran.

If you don’t know much about computer and want to keep your computer running in good performance, a good registry cleaner will be much helpful. If you have a good cleaner, it can help you a lot. You can delete the junk files with it easily. For some advanced registry cleaners, they can not only clean the junk files in time, but also can fix many computer problems, including registry problems